Veteran’s Benefits



VA Benefit Overview

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Aid and Attendant Veteran Benefit/Pension Program

Allegheny County,  American Legion,  (412) 395-6230

Beaver County,  VA Office,  (724) 770-4452

Butler County,  VA Office,  (724) 284-5352

Westmoreland County,  Gov. Vet Outreach & Assist. Ctr.  (724) 830-3530

Washington County,  VA Office  (724) 228-6865



  • Discharge Papers (original or certified with Courthouse seal only)
  • 1099’s or other proof of annual income.
  • Letter from facility where claimant lives, including date of arrival / admission,monthly rate, or letter indicating cost of services provided by caregiver
  • Voided blank check from claimant’s checking account.
  • Proof of medical expenses.
  • Proof of Identity (social security card, birth certificate, or similar documentation may be required)



  • All of the above, plus marriage certificate (copy acceptable).



  • Net Worth must be less than $123,600.
    • Add up all countable/non-exempt assets + Annual Income (adjusted gross income) – Subtract Unreimbursed Medical Expenses (UMEs) = Net Worth
    • UME = on-going out of pocket medical expenses (e.g. not covered by health insurance).
    • Does not include primary residence or vehicle until sold.
    • 3 year look back period
  • Veteran must have served at least one day during wartime.
  • If you cannot locate discharge papers, order online at:
  • If Veteran is alive, he / she is the only person who can file—family can assist.
  • If Veteran is deceased, spouse can apply, and supply copy of Veteran’s death certificate.
  • Form 21-526 for Veteran and Form 21-534 for Widow requires 2 witnesses.
  • Additional benefits may be available if Veteran sustained war-time injury.
  • Benefits will be paid retroactive to the 1st  day of the first full month in which the application was submitted.

–Example:  Applications submitted in May, approved benefits begin June 1.

  • Process typically takes 6 months or more for VA to approve benefits.
  • Obtain all necessary forms from your local VA office.

A printable copy of the VA Benefit Overview is available below:

Click Here for the VA Benefit Overview